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What’s New In The Wood Palace Kitchen Showroom?

If you haven’t been to Wood Place Kitchen showroom in a while you may want to come by and take a look. There is an abundance of design inspiration waiting for you there whether you are looking to update your kitchen with the latest trends, materials and colors or you are looking to incease the value of your house by adding built in cabinetry elsewhere in your home. Take this bar as an example. This would make a fine addition to a “rec” room, man cave or virtually any corner where entertaining will take place. The bar is complete with…

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When remodeling a kitchen, the project can vary in size depending on how much you are changing. It can be anywhere from changing your hardware to gutting the kitchen and replacing everything from the flooring to the hardware. Most likely this is not something you do everyday. A professional kitchen designer does. Therefore, it would make sense that they would have more experience. Just like any other profession. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are all the same. Everybody has a kitchen of some sort, right? Everybody cooks in their kitchen, right? Do we all have the same taste in food?…

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Choosing Appliances for your New Kitchen

When remodeling a kitchen, home owners think choosing appliances is the less important step of the design process. “We will pick those out towards the end.”, “The cabinets and counter tops need to be chosen first.” or “Our refrigerator is standard size.” These are just a few of the answers I get when I ask homeowners if they have decided on what appliances they will be using in their new kitchen. Another common one is; “We are just going to keep what we have for now and maybe buy new next year.” When is the right time to choose your…

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