New Year’s Resolutions?

What a joke!  We make our resolutions each year,  I guess because that’s what we’ve always been told to do.  At the end of the year,  how many of us have achieved what we wanted to?  How many of us have completely forgotten what those resolutions were?  It’s a big joke with a friend of mine who’s a personal trainer.  The gym is packed in January.  Then as February approaches,  there is less activity,  and by March or April,  things are back to normal!  What happened?

We run Wood Palace Kitchens based on goals.  We have financial goals for the year,  as well as related goals that will move the business forward and better serve our customers.  Those goals support our mission.   We don’t just look at those goals at the end of the year,  we are constantly looking at our goals,  evaluating our progress,  and making adjustments.  That’s probably because we work with great coaches at Lighthouse Strategic Business Partners.

A goal is much different from a resolution.  A goal is specific.  There is a way to measure whether or not it has been achieved.   It is something that is achievable.  It may be a reach,  but it isn’t completely unrealistic.  And there is a “by when” date that goes along with it.

So we’d like to wish for you a new year that is happy,  healthy and prosperous;  and one that finds you achieving all the goals you have in life.

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