Kitchen Cabinets: an aha moment

kitchen cabinetsEver wake up one day and say to yourself “you know this place really needs sprucing up.”

Everyone has that wake up moment. I recently had that moment and I do this for a living!

I am so consumed with helping clients with their needs that my own needs are put aside. That “aha” moment usually comes when you are about to give a party and things just look tired.

Okay, what do you do now? Do you read all you can via the internet? Do you watch HGTV? Do you ask your friends what to do?

Hmm, sounds like you are getting confused and just a little overwhelmed. Doing the research in this manner yields a lot of information. The problem is it usually does not pertain to your situation. Yes, you are getting a lot of information but is it helping you?

What you need is a designer who asks questions, then actually listens to your response! That is what a good designer does: listens.
We ask questions that are about your particular situation. There is no reason to throw out ideas if in the end they will not work. Yes, they might work for another home but what good is that for you? Why get you excited when it clearly will not work for you and your budget.

Designers help you find solutions that are appropriate for you, your home and your budget.

Think of all the time you will waste trying to do this yourself. Isn’t your time worth something?

Ask yourself this question, if after doing all this research you end up with something you really are not happy with, was it worth it?

Find a good designer, one who listens.

The rest will take care of itself.

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