Give Your Kitchen That Magazine Look

The secret to giving a room that pulled together, magazine look is accessorizing, even in the kitchen.  Picking the right accessories and knowing how and where to place your accessories is an art.  It is what gives a room that professionally decorated feeling.   So what do you use for accessories?  Anything you want, anything you like.  The more interesting it is, the better.  But, there are a few good design principles to follow:

  • Think multiples of odd numbers:  3, 5, 7 and group things together.
  • A few larger accessories make a better statement then a lot of smaller ones.  Smaller accessories can begin to look like clutter if there are too many of them. Be very careful not to create clutter.  That is the fastest way to destroy the look.
  • Select like things:   like colors, like shapes, things that are a collection, or represent your family or a hobby.  Like does not mean the same.  Like means complimentary.  They look pleasing together.
  • Pay attention to size and shape in relation to where you are placing things.
  • When you use Art as an accessory, and you should, think color, think shape, think theme.
  • When you use Fabric as an accessory, and you should, think texture, color, patterns in throws, accent pillows, window treatments, table runners or placemats. 

There are many home decor stores in which to shop for accessories that will help you achieve that magazine look.  But don’t forget the not so obvious, such as flea markets and thrift shops.  Another great way to “shop” is to look for items you already own that are in another room, an attic, basement or garage.  Items that you own are probably things you loved at one point.  Sometimes a little cleanup, refinishing or repurposing can turn an item into a treasure.  Shop your own house first.  Take a walk around and look at the items you pass by every day without notice.  It is the best place to start and who knows, you might find exactly the piece you are looking for to give your kitchen that magazine look!


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