Gardening: Fresh Air and So Relaxing


Now that the spring is finally underway, I find myself in the garden. Isn’t it wonderful to “play” in the dirt? I remember as a little girl making mud pies and helping my mother in the garden. Although she didn’t grow vegetables, she did have the most spectacular roses. We had a fence on the back of the yard that was thirty feet long and was covered with climbing red roses. It is a sight that I have yet to recreate. It seems as though my little plot will not support roses. It is just too shady.

Isn’t that quite a metaphor? Although we may desire “roses”, we may be forced to plant hostas. Why hostas? Because they are a shade loving plant and that is what I have. I will never be able to grow roses in my little garden but I can plant wonderful shade loving plants.

Learning to be flexible is a critical element in life.
After all, the garden of life is what you make it.


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