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Where Do I Start? I am not Handy. Kitchen Remodeling 101

I’m sure we can all relate to the 4 words above as we start the thought process of any remodel. It takes all the energy in our body to finally admit we are ready to think about making that change in our kitchen. With all that is available and all the shows on TV making it look easy, it’s no wonder we get a headache at the first thought of the tools buzzing. You are already in good shape admitting that you need and want the change. There are two ways that you can get started. You can head over…

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The Reason Why You Should Make an Appointment with a Kitchen Professional to Start Your Kitchen Remodel

We live in a hectic world, always on the go and trying to fit everything in so that we get everything done that is on our list. Most people can’t juggle more than one thing at a time and do it well, even though they think they can. We look at our run down and outdated kitchen and instantly get the urge to get out to a bunch of showrooms to get some ideas. Saturday is the day that we find some time so we finish our chores and get in the car and head to a kitchen showroom, excited…

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When Budgets and Emotions get in the Way of Your Buying Decisions

Whether you are ready to put an addition on your home, remodel your kitchen or finishing your basement over, too often we get caught up with emotional decisions for our budget. I call this the “Calculator Thought” because money is the main focus. Some one asked me recently with what was wrong with that. Let me make you aware of the consequences of these emotions. When we start the process of visualizing what we would like our room or rooms to look like, there is an emotional high that we get about the final result. We gather information from websites,…

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Why Before Product, How to Enjoy Creating the Kitchen that you Desire

Have you ever heard of the saying; “Bass Akwards?”  Yes, if you catch on you know that it is a play on two other words.  Unfortunately, most consumers put the horse before the cart when it comes to remodeling in general.  When homeowners are ready to start say a kitchen remodel say, they have it in their minds that they want it as easy as ABC.  It was the Jackson 5 who spelled out ABC as easy as 123.  Wouldn’t that be interesting if we could get through our project that easy?  I have heard many friends or relatives over…

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Watch What You Wish For, Dream First

My mother always reminded me when I was young; “Timmy, watch what you wish for.” I never quite grasped at that age how important that one line would be as I matured in years. That line reminds me of many related things in my business. Being a kitchen designer/salesperson now for over 34 years, (I started my business in 1979) I have come across many lines from clients and perspective clients. I could probably fill a book with these and become a best seller. One of the most noticed line that comes to my mind is when a client tells…

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Remodeling Your Kitchen: Pleasant Experience or Disaster?

If you talk to 10 different people and ask them how the remodel went on their kitchen, you would hear 10 different stories. Most would think that that the fault would lie with the places that they bought from or hired to do the project. Unfortunately, the blame points more towards the consumer and their buying habits. Why is this most ask me? When we go to do or buy anything, the first thing we think of is; “how can I save some money and do this for less money.”  We ask around to family and friends for their advice or…

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Dream First (Enjoy Creating the Exact Living Space that you Desire)

There are so many different products to choose from when you are building a new home or remodeling your kitchen, bath, home office or family room. Most people look around and get 2-5 price bids for their project, getting more confused as they go from store to store. Being product focused can bring on confusion and anxiety. Product driven companies will match you to product first every time to make sure they hit their quotas. These practices become a big problem for the client who needs help and guidance through the beginning stages of their project.  It is tough for…

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What does it take to design a kitchen?

I think I am going to need a book for this one! Here are a few things that are necessary: Budget An idea of the “look” you want What type of appliances Time frame Let’s take this one by one. First, the budget: for most people this is the scariest part of the process. Why? Many people feel if they let the designer know this figure they will spend all their money. Truth be told, that is a guideline for us. We need to know where to start. Let me give you an example. Let’s say you want a new…

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Remodeling Tips

Remodeling in your home does not have to be an excruciating experience when the right steps are taken. There are many people who are deciding to remodel for the first time so finding the right people becomes more important. Most remodeling ideas start when a specific need arises for either more space, function or to beautify up the room.  A lot of my clients are usually sitting around their table or island when one says; “Boy, we really need to do our kitchen over but where do we start?” The key to that statement is the end, “Where do we…

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Kitchen Remodel Projects

Once in awhile, I like to post pictures from a recent kitchen remodel that we have done at Wood Palace.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.  Click here for the slideshow.