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Easter is Approaching – Time to Boil the Eggs!

Coloring eggs for Easter was always a favorite activity when my children were little.  From what I can tell, that tradition lives on. I just ran across a video on that tells you how to boil eggs so they come out perfect every time, and the shells don’t stick when you peel them.  So aggravating when you’re trying to make egg salad! Basically, you put the eggs in a pot and cover with water an inch above the eggs.  Put the pot on high heat until the water comes to a rolling boil.  Then cover the pot and turn off…

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A Clean Kitchen for the Holidays

Once in awhile,  I like to let my friends know about other businesses that I support.  One of those businesses is Bobbie’s Cleaning Divas located in Carver,  MA.   Bobbie not only does a terrific,  thorough job of cleaning your home or business,  she is also just a great person.  They are part of Cleaning for a Reason,  a non-profit that cleans the homes of cancer patients for free. Here’s a testimonial from Bobbie’s website: “HOLY CLEAN HOUSE, Batman!! Bobbie- I am astounded at the sparkle in my place. I don’t think your staff let one spot go untouched!! How did they get the…

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Eating Healthy and Holidays Don’t Mix?

As a kitchen cabinet and kitchen design company, we realize that holiday get togethers often revolve around the kitchen – and food! We also realize that many people are trying to eat better these days – and so are we!  So we’ve given it some thought and looked to others for advice.  Our favorite nutritionist,  Nicole Cormier,  has some great tips,  which I’m repeating here with her permission. Holiday Survival Guide: Goals: 1. Eat breakfast everyday with a lean protein, fruit and whole grain 2. Drink more than 64 ounces of water per day 3. Eat more than 5 FULL…

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