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Food-A-Holicks November 9, 2018
Topic: Candy; Guest: Deb Thelen, Owner, Deb’s Candy Creations; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks November 2, 2018
Topic: Star Drive-in; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks October 26, 2018
Guest: Erika Bradley; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks October 12, 2018
Topic: Tailgating; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks October 5, 2018
Topic: Restaurant Memories; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks September 28, 2018
Topic: Kitchen Equipment; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks September 21, 2018
Topic: Fall Cooking; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks September 14, 2018
Topic: Sauces; Length: 55m;


Food-A-Holicks September 7, 2018
Topic: Pizza; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks August 31, 2018
Topic: Labor Day; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks August 24, 2018
Topic: Recipe Contest; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks August 17, 2018
Topic: Smokers; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks August 10, 2018
Topic: Italy; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks August 3, 2018
Topic: Krazy Days; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks July 27, 2018
Topic: LMDO; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks July 20, 2018
Topic: Waiting; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks July 13, 2018
Topic: Vacation Eating; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks July 6, 2018
Topic: Summer Food; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks June 29, 2018
Topic: July 4th; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks June 22, 2018
Topic: Los Jefes; Length: 55m;

Food-A-Holicks June 15, 2018
Topic: Allergies; Length: 36m; Note: only a portion of the show was captured for replay.

Food-A-Holicks June 8, 2018
Topic: Seasonal Cooking; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks May 25, 2018
Topic: Memorial Day; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks May 18, 2018
Guest: Aimee Logan; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks May 11, 2018
Guest: Moegenics; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks May 4, 2018
Guest: Cinco de Mayo; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks April 27, 2018
Guest: Star Drive-In; Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks April 20, 2018
Guest: Joy from DeAvila’s Catering in Taunton; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks April 13, 2018
Guest: Plymouth Bay Winery; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks April 6, 2018
Topic: Quick Meals; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks March 30, 2018
Guest: Margret Gudmundsson, Owner of Coffee Milano in Middleboro, MA; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks February 23, 2018
Topic: Meat; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks February 16, 2018
Topic: Cooking Influences; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks February 9, 2018
Topic: Valentine’s Day; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks February 2, 2018
Topic: SuperBowl 52; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks January 26, 2018
Topic: New Hope and Healthy Finances; Guests: Gabby Allen and Dale and Shirley Guiduccis; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks January 19, 2018
Topic: Health Kick in the Kitchen; Guest: Beth Sobiloff; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks January 12, 2018
Topic: Craft Beer; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks January 5, 2018
Topic: Fitness; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks December 29, 2017
Topic: Year in Review; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks December 22, 2017
Topic: French Christmas; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks December 15, 2017
Topic: Italian Christmas; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks December 8, 2017
Topic: Guest Cindy Souza; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks December 1, 2017
Topic: Leftovers; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks November 17, 2017
Topic: Star Drive-In; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks November 3, 2017
Topic: Restaurant Advertising Through the Years; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks October 27, 2017
Topic: Halloween; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks October 20, 2017
Topic: “A Show About Nothing”; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks October 13, 2017
Topic: Pies; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks October 6, 2017
Topic: Restaurants from the Past; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks September 22, 2017
Topic: Fall Cooking; Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks September 15, 2017
Guest Charred Oak Grill Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks September 8, 2017
Guest: Chef  Stephen Coe  Length:  55m

Food-A-Holicks September 1, 2017
“Labor of Love” Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks August 25, 2017
St. Anthony’s Feast Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks August 18, 2017
Special Guest: Deb Amaya, La Familia Restaurant Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks August 11, 2017
Special Guest: Shea Kulpa< Johnbson & Wales Student Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks July 28, 2017
All About Sandwiches Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks July 21, 2017
Special Guest: Steve Howe, Like My Dining Out Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks July 14, 2017
Special Guest: Steve Davis, Sandbar Grill Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks July 7, 2017
Special Guest: Chef Mike Wisdom, Baldies Craft Pizzeria Length: 38m

Food-A-Holicks June 30, 2017
Special Guests: Grandsons Jack and Jay Carpenter Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks June 23, 2017
Special Guest: Johnny Ray Justice Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks June 16, 2017
Growing Up Italian Length: 53m
Special Guest: Judy Williams

Food-A-Holicks June 9, 2017
Tim’s Tasty Trips Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks May 26, 2017
Home and Spring Gardening Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks May 19, 2017
Appetizers and Hors D’Oeuvres Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks May 12, 2017
Mother’s Day Stories Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks May 5, 2017
Food & Cooking Mishmash Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks April 28, 2017
Favorite Restaurants Now & Long Ago Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks April 21, 2017
Kids in the Kitchen Length: 51m

Food-A-Holicks April 14, 2017
Talkin’ Easter Length: 54m
Special Guests: Amy & Sam,
Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School

Food-A-Holicks April 7, 2017
Adult Beverages Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks March 31, 2017
Spring Eating Ideas Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks March 24, 2017
Tim’s Tasty Trips Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks March 17, 2017
St. Patty’s Day from the Jersey Shore Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks March 10, 2017
Special Guest: Erica Madden, Star Drive-In Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks March 3, 2017
Diets VS. Eating Nutritionally Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks February 24, 2017
Casseroles and Hearty Foods of Your Past Length: 53m

Food-A-Holicks February 17, 2017
Special Guest: Kristin Wakefied, Johnson and Wales University Length: 49m

Food-A-Holicks February 10, 2017
Upcoming Events at Wood Palace Kitchens and Putting on Your Own Events Length: 54m

Food-A-Holicks February 3, 2017
Superbowl Special – Food, Football & Fun
Special Guest: Johnny Ray Justice Length: 52m

Food-A-Holicks for January 27, 2017
Special Guest: Margret Gudmundsson, Coffee Milano Length: 33m

Food-A-Holicks for January 20, 2017
Special Guest: Tim Malinosky, GM of Boston Tavern Length: 55m

Food-A-Holicks for January 13, 2017
Fun Foods to Make with Your Kids and for Parties Length: 52m
Special Guest: Gabby Allen from New Hope

Food-A-Holicks for January 6, 2017
Normal Eating After the Holidays Length: 53m

All shows prior to 2017 are archived here.